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IMG_0715-clonePlease review the information on our official website (http://www NULL.L1PowerPost, and let me know if we could provide a price quote or come meet with you to help finalize your electric vehicle charging options for your parking areas. I would be happy to provide you with a presentation, or more information as needed, to help you make an informed decision. Remember you shouldn’t have to spend more than $1,495 – $1,795 for an EVSE! The sponsoring and advertising opportunities will also help you with covering the minor costs for the daily electricity that will actually be used in these parking spaces. However, if you need to track usage and charge then we have those options as well.

Telefonix Inc. is a U.S. corporation that has been supplying the aviation sector with their patented cord reel technology and electronics assemblies for 25 years. Drawing upon the company’s expertise in cord reels and cord management technology, Telefonix has developed a commercial Level 1 charging station for plug-in electric vehicles called the L1 PowerPost™ EVSE. Telefonix believes strongly that low current charging is the best solution for the majority of longer-term parking lots and recently introduced a commercial, low current Level 2 charging station called the L2 PowerPost EVSE.

To give just one example of the extremely positive acceptance by the EVSE market, a bank of L1 PowerPost™ EVSE charging stations has been installed at the Denver International Airport with great success. The feedback has been so overwhelmingly favorable that the City and County of Denver has submitted a budget that includes the installation of more L1 PowerPost™ EVSEs at Denver International. This new design that incorporates a cord reel for cable management has set new standards in the industry. Telefonix’s patented cord reel reduces trip hazard or accidental roll-over of the J1772 vehicle connector and meets OSHA guidelines thereby improving the overall safety and look of the charger, and surrounding area. Cord management also is a requirement for ADA compliance, in keeping accessibility optimal”.

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Here is a presentation with some real facts and figures for you to consider.

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More Reasons to Consider Installing L1 PowerPost Technology

Here are just some of the advantages to using the L1PowerPost™ EVSE or the L2PowerPost™ EVSE:

  1. Many advantages exist, besides the obvious clean air. Employees drive and plugin to your place of business. They talk about how great it is to work there!
  2. People will find your property on sites and apps like (http://www NULL.PlugShare This will bring in new customers.
  3. The local government officials will want to get involved to take credit for your forward “Green/Sustainable” thinking, which will get you some free positive publicity, and finally the electricity isn’t much cost to you at all.

Ideas to Help Subsidize Your Initial Investment

The initial equipment and installation costs are the main expense.

Here are a few ways to help with this. Examples:

  • “Thank you for driving a clean air vehicle today. Because of your efforts we can all breath a little easier. The electricity is compliments of the Marriott. In return we ask that you consider supporting the American Red Cross at”
  • You can partner with local restaurants or service industry to advertise for a $100-$200 a month. We can provide a wrap with tasteful graphics for either at our factory.”