Ever heard of an “electrical spill” ?


Many of us have reacted to the news of global warming, with recycle and reuse practices. Our kids are getting educated more than we are about “saving the planet” everyday at school, and even on Nickelodeon. The “Green” products are falling off of the shelves at stores. The majority of our dollars spent towards saving the planet has been put into the price tag of a hybrid car. There are many misconceptions of what a hybrid does to help the environment and how it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

One of the most popular perceptions is:

“Hybrids are significantly better for the environment”


Hybrid VehiclesLike NEV’s (Neighborhood electric vehicles), hybrids have been optimized for urban use.
Operated in these conditions they are very efficient (although not as efficient as a true EV, now available).
However in order to allow them to operate on the highway they include an internal combustion engine.
The end result is a vehicle with two different drive trains – not to mention a fuel tank and batteries.  This results in a vehicle that is significantly more expensive than its facing non-hybrid counterpart that offers potential economic and environmental benefits that aren’t fully delivered.

The other constant subject in the press seems to be that driving a car charged overnight in your garage is somehow still the same as burning gasoline! It is commonly stated like this:

“Electric Vehicles just move pollution from the tailpipe to the power plant”


Gas is a dirty fuel.  Refining one gallon produces 24 lbs of CO2, burning it produces another 19 lbs – a total of 43 pounds of CO2 for every gallon of gas consumed.

If you put 16 gallons of fuel into your Prius you’ve put 384 pounds of CO2 into the environment before you leave the gas station

Once the Prius driver has burned all of their fuel they will have released 688 pounds of CO2 into the environment scenario for the
Driving an electric vehicle results in a 77% reduction of emissions compared to conventional vehicles.

Another interesting fact about our spending being focused on hybrids to help “Stop Global Warming” is the fact that the $25k – $65k for us to drive a hybrid and cut our gas usage by 20% at best could have been spent on a solar panel system that could save nearly 4 times as much CO2 production.

Then there is the “Efficiency Factor!

This proves the need to accept and drive an Electric Car!

Electric motors are very efficient. Very little energy is lost or wasted. In comparison, the efficiency of an internal combustion engine doesn’t exceed 45%. Only about 15% of the energy from the fuel put in to the tank gets used to move the car down the road or run useful accessories, such as air conditioning.

The rest of the energy is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies and idling.

So, what does all of this mean? We all want to try to help, sort of, but sacrifice is hard to do. When we buy the Prius, are we crushing the trade in?  We need to recycle the cars when we are done with them! That would be the best way help Mother Earth. Running my house off of the sun is the best thing I could do. Driving my old cars until they are no longer fixable is the best thing I can do, until now. EnVision Motor Company actually has an electric vehicle coming to the market. Nissan actually has an electric vehicle coming to the market. Wait and buy one of those, keep the SUV for the weekends with the dog and the kids going to the lake. Those two vehicle combined is the best way to own a “Hybrid”. The good scenerio: 400 miles of pure electric driving during the week, and 100 miles of gas on the weekends. What could be better?….ok, 500 miles a week of pure electric driving, powered by your solar panels on your house, with a compost bin in the back, driving to clean up the ocean and rescue a dog? Sure!  One step at a time.

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