From ZENN Motor Company:

“Bill Williams, VP Sales North America – Bill was hired in 2005. Throughout his time at ZENN he has consistently delivered anything asked of him. If I could not attend an event myself, I called on Bill as first choice to fill in for me. He has represented our company for many events and interviews for the media.  I highly recommend Bill in any duties for your organization, including, dealer development, sales and marketing events, media campaigns, dealer support and government liaison.

I have found Bill to be consistently professional, knowledgeable about product and market, passionate about electric vehicles and able to think on his feet in the rapidly evolving world of alternative transportation.  He always seems to be one step ahead of the game and is therefore an ideal collaborator.  He has done his duties with good humor and imagination.”

– Ian Clifford, CEO and Founder, ZENN Motor Company


From Sankey Auto Center Inc.:

Dear Bill,

On behalf of all of us at Sankey Auto Center Inc., I want to take a little time to thank you for coming to see us and providing us with some very good sales information concerning ZENN cars and the company.  I was very pleased with your training and so was our entire sales crew.  We all felt like you were here to help assist us in whatever way you could and provide us with some very helpful information.

I have been involved in sales and sales training the better part of my life and have lived through sales training that would “choke a horse”. They would bring piles of stuff that made the presenter look knowagble but provided no substance or help for the people needing the training.  I found it completely refreshing to listen, share ideas, thoughts and experiences with you.  I was impressed with you and your presentation.  Actually, everyone at ZENN has been very helpful and conveys a genuine desire to be of assistance.  When you have a quality product, good information and a helpful attitude it makes the potential for success much greater.

PS.  I also appreciated your patience with the (several) interruptions we encountered.  It is the disadvantage of a “Mom and Pop/and Son” store.


Tim Sankey


From Environmental Motors Limited:

Your help, enthusiasm and patience over the last two years is was/is greatly appreciated and duly noted.

Warmest Regards,

Kent E Sokolow, Dealer, Environmental Motors Limited


From Pacific Coast Zenn:


Excellent training and materials. Your enthusiasm and industry knowledge are an invaluable combination. All of our sales guys appreciated the personal training; most of the training they get is web interface from the other franchises.

David, Pacific Coast Zenn


From The Edge Strategeze Inc.:

Hey Bill,

I just wanted to say what a great resource I think you are to the ZENN effort. I love the fluidity of your thinking and robustness of your knowledge on all things green.

Brian Jamieson
VP/Director of Communications
The Edge Strategeze Inc.


From Longboard Capital Advisors:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Bill for four years.  I met him after I invested in Zenn Motors through the clean-tech hedge fund I manage.

Bill and I have developed a great relationship.  We have frequent, in depth conversations on Zenn Motors and the entire clean-tech business. Bill is articulate, funny and tells the truth.  It is very easy to get to know him and he tells believable stories.

I think he is a perfect person helping launch an auto brand and become successful in the United States and Canada.  He is able to navigate buyers through the complex world of new efficient drive systems and help them see a compelling value proposition.

Bill’s follow-up is solid as well, and he will set up the necessary processes that are essential for efficient growth.

Brett Conrad, Managing Partner, Longboard Capital Advisors, LLC


From Isaac Cronin Public Relations:

I have worked with Bill Williams for two years promoting ZENN Cars.  Mr. Williams has been the ideal collaborator.  He is knowledgeable, organized, persistent and passionate about electric vehicles.  He has always furnished me with the information I have needed to pursue the Company’s communications strategy on a timely basis.

I have been with Mr. Williams at many public events where he has demonstrated an ability to present compelling details about ZENN Cars to an occasionally skeptical public.  He thinks on his feet and his infectious good humor has won him a number of converts to the EV cause.

I would enthusiastically recommend him for a marketing position in the EV space.


Isaac Cronin, Managing Director, Isaac Cronin Public Relations