Bill Williams, CEO/Founder, of Green Motion

Bill has been helping to propel the electric transportation movement in the United States since 1995 as a Marketing and Sales Executive. As one of the first dealers in the Western US to sell neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), Bill’s career has focused on the Alternative Fuel Transportation industry from the beginning. For the past twenty years he has held executive positions such as Regional Vice President of EVI and Vice President of Sales in North America for ZENN Motor Company.

As CEO of his own consulting company, Green Motion, Bill has partnered with EV Manufactures, Solar, Hybrid Drive Technology, and battery companies. Most recently he has been working with ClipperCreek EV Charger company as Operations Manager. His continued focus on the fleet side of the industry has always been where he believes the commercialization of new technologies should be. Bill has been active with EDTA, NAFA, GSA, Fed Fleet & Clean Cities Coalitions throughout the US for many years. Bill has been a regular spokesperson for the EV movement.

Bill’s volunteer efforts include many years of non-profit experience, such as, serving as the Kansas State Chairman with the March of Dimes, Board Member of the Arthritis Foundation and as a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish and Leukemia Foundation. He also supports the American Lung Association. Clean Vehicles and Clean Lungs go together!

About Green Motion

Bill can motivate, educate, as well as help dealers and customers get excited about the EV Industry! And he even enjoys helping you get the most out of your trade shows!
Years of EV Experience – Moving towards a cleaner future.

Areas of expertise:

  • EV’s
  • NEV’s /LSV’s
  • Electric Class 6 and Class 8 Trucks,  Bucket Trucks and Buses
  • Sales and marketing training at many levels
  • Dealership product lines
  • Fleet solutions
  • Charging solutions
  • Promotional Solutions on a shoe string budget
  • Educational Presentations for your organization

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

ClipperCreek, Inc. chargers are the least complicated, and least expensive charger for your dealership, customer and your fleet. Check out the ClipperCreek website on the “Partners” page. If you have EV’s to sell, Green Motion will work as a liaison for any manufacture looking for retailers and dealers to sell their Electric Vehicles and Alternative fuel solutions.


If you want to expand your product offerings – we will find new products for your Dealership that will generate interest and increase foot traffic.
If your business needs a “shot in the arm” – we will help you to get free publicity, plan community wide events and send out press releases.


At Green Motion, we realize there are mandates to lower gas usage, idle time, and maintenance costs. We can help you find solutions that are available now for your fleet.

Greening Your Business

Solar charging solutions are just one way we can help. Greening your business is a fun and even profitable solution for an everyday business. We know that many community programs have tried to develop a Green business program already. What you will discover is that most programs just don’t work for long because they are the result a piecemeal project with little or no funding. Contact us today for a free assessment.
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